Duramax LML / LGH CP4 Pump Failure – Technical Bulletin

  CP4 High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure The 2011-2016 Duramax suffers from a high pressure fuel pump issue unique to this year range. Failure of this CP4 pump is usually catastrophic, causing instant contamination of the entire fuel system with metal particulates. Chances are, if you’re looking at this page, you’re well aware of the problem. Below we will discuss the reasons for this failure, how to diagnose a pump failure, and show you the parts you need to properly fix your vehicle. Why Does it Fail? The short answer: lack of […]

InjectorsDirect.com Breaks New Ground

InjectorsDirect.com is building a new facility! First off, we want to thank our customers for helping make this possible. Your patronage has helped contribute to the incredible growth of our business over the past 7 years. Thank you. Our new building was designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind, and will be tailor-made to meet our needs and the growing needs of our customers. We will be able to increase our production capacity 300%, allowing us to add 6-10 […]
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How To Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling In The Winter

Keep Your Fuel System Flowing In the Cold Months With Winter approaching and temperatures beginning to drop, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your diesel fuel flowing well through the Winter months. If proper precautions are taken, you can prevent issues that may occur when diesel fuel is left cold and alone. What Happens to Diesel Fuel in Cold Temperatures? When anything begins to cool, the molecules start to slow down, eventually freezing. For a quick science refresher, when water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees Celsius) […]
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