Dodge Rams 2500 Cummins InjectorInjectorsDirect.com has been providing quality injectors for any budget since 2009, and as we continue to grow so does the diesel truck market.

According to data compiled by R.L. Polk and Co. for the Diesel Technology Forum, the registration of diesel vehicles and SUVs rose 24 percent in the United States from 2010 to 2012.

And in 2013, the Fuels Institute’s “Tomorrow’s Vehicles: What Will We Drive in 2023” report, suggests diesel-powered vehicles are expected to grow from 2% market share to 3.7%-6.7% by 2023. Additionally, diesel-engine vehicle sales are expected to comprise between 7.2% and 17.8% of new vehicle sales in 2023.

In the commercial market, diesel rules, with diesel-powered vehicles expected to represent at least 94% of the vehicles on the road in 2023.

So what does that mean for you? More diesel trucks on the road is, well, awesome for diesel diehards like us.

Additionally, that means your trucks will continue to be supported by local and online dealers.

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