6.7 Powerstroke 2015-2019 CP4 Fuel Pump Failure Kit with DCR Conversion – Bosch® OE New



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6.7 Powerstroke 2015-2019 CP4 Fuel Pump Failure Kit with DCR Conversion Kit – Bosch® OE New

Full Kit – $5,399.99

Shipping Note: Standard shipping on this kit is Ground Service due to size & weight.  Expedited shipping options are available (prices calculated based on delivery address) and will be displayed on the checkout page.

Fits 2015-2019 Ford 6.7 L Powerstroke engines with build dates from 03/17/2014 – 11/04/2019




Kit Details

Ford 6.7 DCR Pump Conversion Instructions

This kit is the complete solution to repair your truck after a CP4 pump failure. Not only does this kit contain all the necessary components to repair your fuel system after catastrophic failure, it also does away with the troublesome CP4 pump and converts the system to a new pump design to prevent future failures. This kit includes all the necessary fuel system components for a hassle-free repair.

Upgrade your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Engine with the S&S Diesel Motorsport Ford 6.7L CP4 to DCR Pump Conversion Kit. This comprehensive repair solution is designed to address common issues such as CP4 fuel pump failure, DEF contamination, and water-in-fuel contamination.

The DCR pump boasts higher fuel flow rates, making it suitable for demanding applications such as high-performance driving, towing, and hauling. Our conversion kit provides everything you need for a direct replacement and easy installation. Trust the S&S Diesel Motorsport Ford 6.7L CP4 to DCR Pump Conversion to deliver a reliable and efficient fuel system for your diesel engine.

The CP4 fuel pump is notorious for sudden failures that result in power loss and expensive high-pressure fuel system repairs. Don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road, facing repairs that can exceed $10,000. Remove the CP4 and take advantage of our durable plug-and-play CP4 replacement, developed by S&S Diesel Motorsport and PurePower. Our joint engineering team has leveraged the proven design of the Stanadyne DCR fuel pump to create a variant specifically for the Ford 6.7L PowerStroke. This replacement matches the CP4’s output curve without requiring calibration changes, providing you with an OE-grade solution.

Featuring a compact and modular design, our two-piston DCR pump is easy to integrate into your engine system. It operates with low hydraulic and acoustical noise, ensuring a smooth and quiet performance. The pump’s ultra-fast response times and compatibility with biofuel and low-lubricity fuel make it a versatile choice. Our patented eccentric drive pumping technology delivers increased performance, efficiency, and durability, setting a new benchmark in the industry. With a maximum fuel delivery of 1,250 mm3 per revolution, our pump provides reliable and consistent fuel flow.

We have equipped our DCR pump with Stanadyne’s corrosion-resistant inlet metering valve (IMV), designed to extend the pump’s lifespan. The IMV features high-quality corrosion-resistant components and proprietary features to prevent large debris from entering the valve, ensuring robustness and longevity even in harsh environmental conditions.

Choose the S&S Diesel Motorsport Ford 6.7L CP4 to DCR Pump Conversion for a superior and hassle-free solution to your fuel system needs. Experience the performance, efficiency, and reliability of our product, which matches and exceeds the standards of original equipment.

Each component carries a three-year warranty. Information about warranty policies can be found HERE.

Kit Components

  • Genuine BOSCH® OEM New Fuel Injectors (8)
  • S&S Diesel Motorsport DCR Conversion Kit
  • Genuine BOSCH® OEM New Fuel Rails (2)
  • Genuine Motorcraft OEM New Rail to Injector Fuel Lines
  • Genuine Motorcraft OEM New Rail to Rail Line
  • Genuine Motorcraft OEM New Return Line Assembly
  • Genuine Motorcraft OEM New Injector Hold Down Bolts

Ford Kit Part # FC3Z-9B246-A / FC3Z-9B246-B / FC3Z-9B246-C / FC3Z-9B246-F / FC3Z-9B246-G

FC3Z9B246A / FC3Z9B246B / FC3Z9B246C / FC3Z9B246F / FC3Z9B246G

(Build date range 03/17/2014 – 07/05/2016) F250/350/450/550 Super Duty

Ford Kit Part # HC3Z-9B246-A / HC3Z-9B246-B (Build date range 07/11/2016 – 11/04/2019) F250/350/450/550 Super Duty, Narrow Frame (Chassis Cab)

Bosch® OEM New Injectors

Bosch Part #0 445 117 043

These injectors are brand new OEM replacements from Bosch They are the highest quality, most reliable injectors available for the 6.7L Powerstroke engine. Each Injector includes O-rings and copper crush washers necessary for installation.

Each injector comes with a three-year warranty. Information about warranty policies can be found HERE.

Replaces part numbers:

Bosch®: 0 986 435 433, 0 445 117 040, 0 986 435 447. 0 445 117 094

Ford: FC3Z-9H529-A, FC3Z-9H529-B, FC3Z-9H529-C, FC3Z-9H529-D, KC3J-9K546-BA(2015-2019)

Motorcraft: CN-6019, CN-6020, CN-6027, CN-6028, CM-6050-RM (2015-2019)

Diesel Forward: DKT151667

Alliant Power: AP57001

Left Fuel Rail

Bosch® Part # 0 445 218 017, 0 445 218 018

Ford Part # BC3Z-9D280-B, BC3Q-9D280-BD

Right Fuel Rail

Bosch® Part # 0 445 218 015, 0 445 218 016

Ford Part # BC3Z-9D280-A, BC3Q-9D280-AC

Return Line Assembly

Ford Part # HC3Z-9A564-A, HC3Q-9K022-AB

High Pressure Rail to Injector Lines

Ford Part # BC3Z-9A337-G, BC3Z-9A337-F

High Pressure Rail to Rail Line

Ford Part # BC3Z-9A337-M

Injector Hold Down Bolts

Ford Part # BC3Z-00812-B, FC3Z-00812-A