When searching for diesel injectors online, it’s tough to know where to turn.

And last time we checked, Google wasn’t an authorized dealer for churning out trusted new, remanufactured or rebuilt injectors – so why leave your engine’s fate up to Google’s search results?

Rather than relying on Google’s guesswork, why not rely on proven research from the market leader, and see what the leading supplier of diesel truck injectors has to say about the subject?

Bosch, the leading OE supplier of diesel fuel injectors, has years of research putting non-OEM injectors to the test.

Bosch replaces all components on EVERY injector they rebuild, while most aftermarket companies reuse these damaged components, which can lead to premature failure.

Bosch also does not sell most of these components to aftermarket rebuilders, which forces many shops to replace parts with cheap knockoff parts built in China. Also, it’s important to note that all Bosch remans are up to date with the latest updates.

So when you go with aftermarket injectors that aren’t Bosch, here are some of the issues you can run into:

Sealing Surface Treatmentbosch-injectors3

When comparing a Bosch valve body to that of a competitor reman valve, you’ll often see out-of-the-box non-OEM injectors have sealing surface issues.

You’ll typically see non-OEMs with surfaces that have been reground to remove visible wear and tear. This type of treatment obviously alters the sealing surface, which in return alters the overall performance of the injector, and your engine.

bosch injectorsArmature Corrosion

New Bosch injectors always have clean, corrosion-free armatures.

Non-OEM injectors? Not so much.

Out-of-the-box reman competitor injectors will often have varnishing and corrosion damage, which, in return, is going to lead to inconsistent operation and can significantly influence mileage and overall engine health.

bosch-injectors2Valve Body Issues

An important feature of new Bosch injectors is the fact that they’re always clean and corrosion free.

Remanufactured competitor valves? Well, that’s another story. Out of the box, remanufactured, non-OEM injectors often have pitting, discoloration and corrosion visible on the surface. And this is before installation!

What’s going to happen after installation? Well, that corrosion or pitting can lead to major issues down the road, causing friction during operation that’s almost guaranteed to compromise the performance of your engine.

When it comes to today’s most common diesel engine injectors, Bosch is the standard.

Don’t trust your engine to anything less.

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