LBZ Injector Replacement Kit – Bosch® New

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Note: Must return old fuel lines to receive full core credit. 

LBZ 2006-2007.5 Chevrolet/GMC 2500/3500/4500/5500 6.6 Diesel VIN Code “D”

LBZ Injector Replacement Kit – BOSCH® OEM New  $3149.99


GM Part # 97361355, 97780358, 97780474

BOSCH ® Part # 0 445 120 042

Brand new BOSCH ® OEM LBZ injectors. These are the exact same GENUINE BOSCH ® injectors you would get from a GM dealer, at a fraction of the price. They are the highest quality, most reliable injectors available for the LBZ.

Replaces part numbers:

BOSCH ®: 0 986 435 521

Each injector comes with a three-year warranty. Information about warranty policies can be found HERE.

Each Injector is sealed and individually packaged including O-rings and copper crush washers necessary for installation. In order to complete the installation of your new injectors, we recommend replacing the fuel return lines and fittings which can be found HERE.


Replace GM Part #’s 97371994, 97371995, 97371996, 97371997

Full set (8) We highly recommend replacing these to ensure the longest lifespan for your new injectors. Re-using old, rusty, pitted fuel lines can lead to contamination and damage to your new injectors, and possibly leaks. Learn more by visiting our BLOG.

Reconditioned OEM lines, these are thoroughly cleaned inside & out, then nickel plated to prevent corrosion. Guaranteed to be rust/corrosion/leak free & include a 3 year unlimited-mileage warranty.


BOSCH ® Part #

Left (Driver’s) Side : 0928402097

Right (Passenger’s) Side: 0928400552

Replaces: GM Part # 98062291 & 97328733

Genuine BOSCH ® OEM Brand New return line assembly for LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax applications. These return line assemblies are notorious for breaking during removal or leaking due to cracks and heat stress.  Replacing the return line assembly during injector installation helps prevent contamination issues and leaks due to cracked or brittle hoses and fittings.


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Core Charge Option:

Credit Card On File, Pay Core Charge, Return Cores In Advance

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