Actual effects of rust and sediment contamination on the valve seat.
Where water and rust can collect.

Following up on a previous blog post about keeping your diesel engine running clean, another way you can keep dirt, rust and debris out of your engine is to make sure your fuel lines are nice and clean.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about fuel systems, and we have found that when you reuse old, rusted and pitted fuel lines, the chances of premature injector failure skyrockets.

And if you’ve already suffered injector failure and are spending the money to replace a full set, it is smart to replace the high-pressure fuel lines at the same time to prevent corrosion from affecting your new injectors.

LB7 Fuel LineBall Seat ErosionWith a Duramax LB7, for example, an extended length nut on the injector line is actually open to the atmosphere outside of the valve cover.

That means the nut/line interface is exposed to debris and water, which almost always leads to rust.

When the line is removed, the rust is broken loose & can contaminate the fuel system if not replaced.

Fortunately, Duramax LB7 fuel lines are pretty easy to replace,
and we now offer a couple different options to keep your new injectors happy.

Lb7 Fuel Line Cut Apart To Illustrate Rust Buildup
LB7 Fuel Line cut apart to show rust buildup.

As with most of our injectors, we offer LB7 fuel lines as brand new sets, we also have more economical refurbished sets.

Our new sets are just that, eight new OEM fuel lines from GM.

Our Injectors Direct refurbished sets are a clean yet economical alternative, and are thoroughly cleaned and guaranteed to be rust and corrosion free.

Just one more way Injectors Direct is looking out for your injectors, and doing our best to keep your engine running clean.

Extreme example of rust contamination in an LB7 injector's high pressure inlet
Extreme example of rust contamination in an LB7 injector’s high pressure inlet.
Sealing Surface of a Typical rusted LB7 Fuel Line
Sealing surface of a typical rusted LB7 Fuel Line.
Sealing Surface of a Refurbished LB7 Fuel Line
Sealing surface of a refurbished LB7 Fuel Line.

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