Brady Cabe is building a new facility!

"The team breaking ground on the new facility

First off, we want to thank our customers for helping make this possible. Your patronage has helped contribute to the incredible growth of our business over the past 7 years.

Thank you.

Our new building was designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind, and will be tailor-made to meet our needs and the growing needs of our customers. We will be able to increase our production capacity 300%, allowing us to add 6-10 more local jobs. The facility will feature specialized rooms designed specifically for cleaning, servicing and testing injectors, as well as vertical lift modules for efficient storage and organization of our inventory.

For our customers, this new facility means we will be able to continue to offer the same unmatched quality and speed of service, even as the company expands.

AdditiA look at the design for the new buildingonal elements include modern office spaces, a full-featured employee lounge, and cohesive work stations all under one roof. The 6,400-square foot facility will be powered with solar energy and feature drought resistant landscaping.

The project was designed by Steve Pults of Pults and Associates with general contractor Stalwork, Inc. completing construction of the project both of which are based locally in San Luis Obispo, CA. With ground-breaking and dirt work well underway, the project is scheduled for completion in fall 2017.

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duramax-2017 New information is starting to trickle in on the redesigned Duramax 6.6L L5P V-8 turbo-diesel for the 2017 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado HDs.

As we wrote on our blog this past summer, we’ve been watching the 2017 models closely, waiting to see just who will unveil the biggest and baddest diesel in 2017.

GMC/Chevy had kept details about the 2017 Duramax close to the chest, until recently when it was officially announced the next-gen engine more horsepower and torque than ever, with SAE-certified 445 horsepower (332 kW) and 910 lb.-ft. (1,234 Nm).

The new Duramax should allow for easier and more confident hauling and trailering, the companies point out, along with a 19% increase in max torque over the current Duramax 6.6L. Officials said the new model will also be quieter, by as much as 38% at idle when compared to the previous model.

How is there such a difference?

Well, General Motors points to an overhauled Duramax that only shares the bore and stroke dimensions of the current engine, bringing on a completely new GM-developed control system. The engine also brings on new cylinder block and heads, reciprocating assembly, EGR system and solenoid fuel system.

Even the damped steel oil pan is new, and will help contribute to a quieter ride.

“Nearly everything about the Duramax is new, designed to produce more torque at lower rpm and more confidence when trailering or hauling,” Chief Engineer Gary Arvan said in a statement.  “You’ll also notice the refinement improvements the moment you start the engine, and appreciate them as you cruise quietly down the highway — with or without a trailer.”

duramax-engine-2017So what else is new?

Well, the patent-pending air intake system will add a bold new hood scoop to the Silverado and Sierra HDs.

The system will allow for cooler engine temperatures when towing or in harsh road conditions, helping it maintain speed and power in tough conditions.

What about the injectors?

Well, we are an injector shop, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention its lightweight cylinder heads and solenoid injectors.

While the engine will be redesigned, it will still keep the standard Duramax aluminum cylinder head design – six head bolts/cylinder, and four valves/cylinder.

The common-rail direct injection fuel system, however, will have new high-capability, solenoid-type injectors.

GM reports they’ll have a fuel pressure of 29,000 psi (2,000 bar), which should promote solid fuel atomization for a cleaner burn and reduced particulate emissions.

The new injectors are also said to “support up to seven fuel delivery events per combustion event, contributing to lower noise, greater efficiency and lower emissions. Technology advancements enable less-complex solenoid injectors to deliver comparable performance to piezo-type injectors.”

Should be interesting to see how it all plays out with the overhauled Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel.

We ran into our own issues with last year’s model on one of our shop trucks, so we’re looking forward to seeing just how different this new engine is, and, more importantly, how it stacks up against the other diesels in its class.

Over the next couple months, we’ll be bringing you more details about the 2017 line of diesels.

In the meantime, share your thoughts with us on Facebook and let us know what engines you’re looking forward to driving next year.

Photos courtesy General Motors.




Return Diesel Injector CoresCustomers often ask, why do you require core returns on new injectors?

Well, for one, it allows us to offer substantially better pricing on the new injectors you order from

Unlike some injector shops, we do our best to get you new injectors for the best prices around, which is made possible by getting your old injectors back (so we can recondition them for future customers).

Plus, what are you going to do with those old injectors anyway? Use them as paperweights? Better yet, fishing weights?

Issue being, getting $100 a pop for your old injectors is a much better bargain than saving $3.99 on your next fishing weight.

Plus you’ll be doing your part to get old injectors off the street, and allow the professionals to clean up the cores and rebuild them using our state-of-the-art testing equipment.

We’ve spent more than $500,000 on the best test stands in the business, so we’re able to properly clean, test and calibrate refurbished and remanufactured injector cores to meet OEM specifications and offer affordable options for our customers looking for refurbished or rebuilt injectors.

We’re all about being transparent with everything we do, so we’ve broken down the differences between Refurbished, Remanufactured, OEM and New injectors on our blog.

So if you have extra injector cores that are in good shape for the line of diesel injectors we carry (Chevy, GMC, Dodge or Ford diesel trucks), contact us today for a current pricing and we’ll let you know just how to turn those extra cores into cash!

If you’ve already purchased injectors from us, here’s a breakdown of our core return policies.

Thanks for returning your old injectors, and thanks as always for helping provide quality injectors for any budget since 2009!


U.S. made deisel injectorsThe Fourth of July is nearly here, which means we’ll finally get a three-day weekend to spend some quality time with those we love:


OK, that’s tongue in cheek, but what’s more American than working on your  truck over Independence Day weekend?

Now that we have some time to spend in the garage, this weekend or during a summer vacation, think about what your diesel truck needs to get through the summer heat.

How has your engine been running?

Has your truck been blowing white smoke, or struggling through reduced power?

Has your engine been running bad when you’re low on diesel, possibly because of bad diesel?

Whether your truck is in need of one injector, or a full set, has quality injectors for every budget.

We also have injector removal and installation kits, to make life easier during install, along with other products such as our high pressure fuel lines and Duramax Cat 2 Micron fuel filter upgrade kits.

As always, all of the products on our website are in stock and ready to ship today. And since we’re based in the U.S. and get all of our parts here (unlike some of our competitors who sell knockoff parts from overseas), we’ll ship them out the same day you order if you place your order before 5 p.m. Pacific.

We also offer free, 2-3 day shipping, so you’re guaranteed to get your parts in time for the holiday weekend.

Happy Fourth of July Diesel Fans!


One of the biggest dilemmas our customers are faced with when they discover a failing injector is if they should replace the one or replace the full set.

In our experience, when it comes to replacing injectors on the diesel engines, it’s a lot like changing out your headlight bulbs. When one headlight goes out, it’s only a matter of time before the other goes out.

Here are some reasons why you might consider changing out multiple injectors rather than just the one:

Same amount of work: In most cases, it isn’t that much more work to replace one or replace a full set of diesel injectors. If you’re going to get your hands dirty (or pay someone else to) and put in the work required to replace one injector, you might as well replace them all and save yourself the duplicate effort (or labor bills) a few thousand miles down the road.

Multiple injectors are likely affected: In most cases (especially when contamination is involved) when one diesel injector goes out, the remaining injectors usually aren’t far behind. If, when diagnosing your injectors, you discover multiple injectors are damaged, it’s best to replace the entire set.

Sets cost less: We get price breaks when we buy in bulk, and we always pass those savings on to the customer. That’s why we’re able to offer our injectors at a discounted price over our competitors. When you buy a set of eight injectors from, you’ll get the best price, guaranteed. When you pick up a set, you’ll save time and money.

Keep labor costs down: If you’re paying someone to change your injectors, it’ll be a lot less money (in labor costs) and headache if you have the job done once and you have it done right. Picking up a set and having all eight (or six) installed in one round, will save you time and money in the long run.

Don’t go halfway: We take a lot of pride in our trucks, and many of us depend on them to make a living. The last thing we want is to have our rides break down. Spending the extra money to get all of your injectors replaced at once ensures minimal downtime and prevents future breakdowns.

Fit your budget: At, our tagline is: “Providing quality injectors for any budget since 2009.” If you have the budget for a full set, go all in with a set of new injectors. If not, get your truck back on the road by replacing a single problem injector ASAP, whether it be with one of our refurbished or remanufactured injectors. Either way, you can’t go wrong, and it’s better to be back in action than stranded on the side of the road.

Have any questions on whether you should replace just one injector or the full set? Feel free to contact us today to learn more.


Buy Injectors OnlineThere are a lot of places to buy your diesel injectors, so every now and then we have customers call up and ask what makes us different.

“Why should I buy my injectors from you?” they ask.

Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy from

  1. Best Prices, Guaranteed

For one, we offer the best prices in the industry.

Since 2009, we’ve built quite a network of suppliers and are able to offer the lowest prices around because we buy in bulk. And rather than gouge our customers and pocket all of the profits, we pass those savings on to our loyal customers.

We also guarantee our prices, and match or beat the competition, which doesn’t always stand behind the quality of its injectors like we do.

  1. Quality Injectors for Every Budget

Speaking of which, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality injectors for your budget.

What does that mean?

Well, unlike some shops, we’re transparent with everything we sell and clearly spell out the differences between refurbished, remanufactured and OEM injectors.

While some injector shops try to pass off lesser quality injectors as remanufactured, the truth of the matter is they don’t test injectors like we do, on state-of-the-art test stands.

  1. No Tax Outside CA, and Free 2- to 3-day Shipping

In most cases, we can have the injector you need shipped to your door in the time it would take your local dealer to order the part for twice the price.

On top of that, all orders over $100 are shipped for free via USPS Priority Mail, which means you’ll receive your injectors within 2 to 3 days.

In fact, all orders placed before 5 p.m. Pacific, Monday through Friday, are shipped that same business day.

And if that wasn’t good enough, if you order from outside of California, there is no sales tax on your order, which, again, helps make us the most cost-effective shop on the web.

  1. Unbeatable Warranty

As noted above, we stand behind our injectors.

In fact, we’ve put our money where our mouth is and expanded our warranty terms to 1 full year for refurbished injectors, matching our warranty for remanufactured injectors, and now offer a 2-year warranty for our new injectors.

So not only do we use the best parts and test our injectors using the highest standards, we back them up with an unbeatable warranty.

  1. Best Customer Service in the Business

We’ve had the same ownership and many of the same technicians on staff here since opening in 2009, and you’ll see by our reviews online and testimonials onsite that we pride ourselves in providing the best customer support in the business.

We also have 32,000 Likes and counting on Facebook, and our 100% positive eBay rating also backs up our dedication to providing top-notch service.

So, have any other questions about our injectors or the service we offer? Feel free to email us or call us directly at the shop (1-800-500-0980), and we’d be happy to discuss in more detail or help you identify what injectors you need to get your truck back on the road.

diesel lowest prices
Why press your luck, when diesel is lower than it’s been in years? (Photo courtesy Facebook fan Alex Robinson )

It seems like I’m spending more and more time in the truck these days, and on long road trips I always wince when the fuel light comes on more than 20 miles from the next fueling station.

As we get more comfortable with our trucks, and just how far they can run on fumes, we tend to test their fuel range more and more until we find a cheaper or more convenient station.

But a new report by confirms what we’ve long suspected: “Running out of fuel could significantly damage a vehicle particularly if it has a diesel engine.”

Yet more and more drivers are pushing their luck when the fuel light comes on, the report notes, at least in the UK.

Now we could really care less about the number of folks in the UK with their fuel lights on, but we always take notice when reports shine a light on diesel injector damage. And this report shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, if you think about what happens when you run low or completely out of diesel.

When you’re running on fumes, you’re burning poor quality diesel from the bottom of the tank. As we’ve written previously, “contaminated diesel fuel can put your engine at risk, destroying hundreds of thousands of engines and costing truck drivers millions in recent years.”

Poor fuel quality is a major reason why fuel injectors go bad. According to our experts, “fuel injectors will fail when debris (water, dirt particles, etc.) or rust find their way into the system and, after time, scour valve sets,  clog nozzles, or even cause the nozzle needle to stick.”

If the worst-case scenario happens, and you run completely out of diesel, the damage could be much worse.

When you run out of diesel, the pump begins to pull in air, which can completely destroy it along with the injectors. When your truck gets air bound, the entire fuel system can fill with air and firing your engine back up becomes a much more difficult process.

We see it all the time at repair shops, having to bleed the system – removing filters, pressure blowing the fuel lines and repriming the engine with fresh diesel.

“The solution is to bleed the system which enables any excess air to escape,” notes. “Furthermore – whether the car is a petrol or diesel – the final remnants of fuel might contain sediment that blocks its filters.”

So long story short, find a fueling station when the light comes on, even if it costs a little bit more than the next station 15 miles down the road.


diesel contaminated tipsFor diesel truck drivers, summer is our favorite time of year for four reasons: Road trips. Off-roading. Camping. And more camping.

I mean, is there really a better time of year to hit the road, or in a lot of cases, off road?

We think not.

With increased Independence Day travel right around the corner, it’s worth noting diesel prices remain low – which makes long road trips a lot more promising over the holiday weekend and the remainder of the year for that matter.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the retail price of diesel fuel, which averaged $3.83/gal in 2014, is projected to fall to an average of $2.88 a gallon in 2015 before rising to $3.12 a gallon average in 2016.

So the time is now to get in those long road trips.

Unfortunately, the summer is also when demand on diesel goes through the roof, and vendors are constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line – particularly in the down market –by accepting lesser quality fuel into their tanks.

And research has shown that contaminated diesel fuel can put your engine at risk, destroying hundreds of thousands of engines and costing truck drivers millions in recent years.

So how can you help cut back on pumping contaminated fuel that puts your injectors and other engine parts in harm’s way?

Here are a few ways you can keep contaminated fuel out of your tank and help ensure your engine is running as efficiently as possible:

  • Change your fuel filter more often: a clogged fuel filter can destroy injectors and injection pumps and is one of the easiest preventative measures you can take this summer. (If you’re a Duramax driver, be sure to check out our Duramax Cat Fuel Filter Adapter, which replaces the inefficient 6 micron stock filter.)
  • Drive more frequently: While road tripping more won’t help you in the short term, it’s good to keep your diesel (particularly for the lesser-used toys in your collection) running regularly to avoid sediment and gumming to form and eventually block your fuel filter.
  • Pump at truck stops: Major truck stops are a good source of fuel because quality control is usually better when you have trucks with that much storage pumping fuel. In the word-of-mouth trucking industry, the last thing a station operator wants to have happen is to have a major trucking fleet get bad fuel that leads to a major issue.
  • When you see a tanker filling gas station tanks, keep driving: Now, some folks suggest this is an old wives’ tail, and it could be. But when fuel is getting dumped into a gas station’s tanks at that high volume, there’s not question fuel is swirling and any contaminants are getting mixed around. In fact, I was just at a station near our shop this week that was receiving fresh tanks of gas, and this particular station actually closed down its pumps. Either way, my philosophy has always been to fuel up in the early morning or evening once the dust has a chance to settle.

Looking for more info on diesel fuel quality?

Here’s another post on some reasons why diesel fuel injectors go bad.

And feel free to share your diesel fuel stories on our Facebook Page and share your tips for avoiding bad diesel at the pump.

Good luck on the road this summer!


Refurbished LB7 InjectorsDiesel trucks have gotten a bad rap over years as being un-friendly to the environment.

But truth of the matter is, technology has actually made diesel engines and fuel kinder to the environment over the past decade.

Diesel fuel, for example, used to be considered dirtier than gasoline, but newer standards regulating sulfur content and improved technology in diesel engines continues to drive down environmental impact.

Today, many environmentally conscious drivers now prefer new diesel vehicles over unleaded gas rides because of better fuel economy and efficiency.

The diesel industry has made great strides over the past decade to develop cleaner fuel, engines, emissions-control and fuel injection systems, and applauds those efforts.

Here at our California shop, we’re continually trying to reduce our environmental impact and produce injectors that help improve your fuel efficiency and engine performance at the same time.

Take our refurbished and remanufactured diesel injectors, for example.

Using the most state-of-the-art technology in the industry, we’re able to breathe new life into injectors taken from old engines.

Refurbished injectors are taken from old systems, rigorously cleaned internally and externally, and then tested repeatedly using the best stands in the business to ensure they meet the latest OEM standards before getting them back on the street again.

Similarly, remanufactured injectors are taken from old engines, disassembled, inspected for wear, then rebuilt using the highest quality components available.

And all of our refurbished and remanufactured injectors come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, so you know our injectors are going to perform and improve your diesel performance and efficiency upon installation.

Not only are these injectors lighter on your wallet, but recent studies have shown remanufactured fuel injectors use between 60-80% less energy to produce, which we’ve seen is the case here at as well. It’s better for our business.  It’s better for our customers.

It’s a true win-win situation for diesel truck fans and the environment, and one more reason why has been your go-to-destination for quality diesel injectors since 2009.

Avatar has expanded its warranty protection in 2015, furthering our commitment to providing the best diesel injectors for the best prices on the web.

Starting Jan. 1, Injectors Direct expanded its warranty terms from 90 days to 1 year for refurbished, matching our warranty for remanufactured injectors, and to 2 years for new injectors.

“Our goal has always been to provide quality injectors for any budget, and ensure that we get our injectors in the hands of our customers as soon as possible,” says president Andrew Grow. “ To do so, that takes a lot of work behind the scenes. But this is just one more way to show both our appreciation to loyal customers and our confidence in the quality of injectors we’re putting out every day.”

That quality control starts with an investment of more than $250,000 in state-of-the-art equipment to properly clean, test and calibrate refurbished and remanufactured injectors.

We complement that performance with a low-price guarantee and expedited shipping, offering free 2-3 day shipping on all orders over $100.

Then we continue to stand by our injectors long after they arrive at your door, for years in fact as expands its warranty terms to 1 (refurbished and remanufactured injectors) and 2 years  (new injectors) from the date of the original invoice.

Plus, there’s no mileage cap. No strings attached.

If our refurbished or remanufactured injectors fail to function as designed within the first year, which rarely if ever happens thanks to our precision test stands and veteran technicians, we’ll repair or replace them no questions asked.

Full details on our updated warranty policy can be found HERE

Just one more way stands by our products and helps get you get the best diesel injectors for your budget, and, more importantly, get your truck back on the road again as soon as possible.



Ever wonder why is located in California?

Well, it’s not because of its business-friendly climate, that’s for sure.

But even if regulation-happy California ranks 44th among the toughest states to do business, we rank No. 2 on the list that really matters. That’s right, the Golden State is second in total diesel drivers on the road, according to California trails only No. 1 Texas 893,553 to 650,252 in diesel car, SUV, truck and van drivers in California.

Eat your heart out No. 10 diesel driver and No. 1 business-friendly Georgia!

All kidding aside, the numbers have been pretty positive for the diesel market of late.

According to the Diesel Technology Forum analysis of the latest Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data compiled by IHS Automotive, the number of diesels in operation reached 7.4 million in 2014 – an increase of 360,121 over 2013.

The fastest growing states in terms of diesel truck growth during that time period are North Dakota (+ 8.60%) and South Carolina (+ 8.11%), so if you see us plastering our bumper stickers all over the trucks in those states you know why now.

If you’re interested in the most “diesel” state in terms of percentage, Wyoming (11.0%), Montana (8.3%) and Idaho (7.1%) take the cake with highest percentage of diesel vehicles.

Here’s the rest of the 2014 list of the Top 10 U.S. States in terms of total diesel drivers, courtesy


injectorToday, there are thousands of places to buy auto parts online.

There’s eBay, Craigslist, forums and dealer websites.

But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff, and ensure you’re buying the best parts – rather than getting duped from an anonymous shop or a site that’s good at building websites but doesn’t know a whole lot about, say, diesel injectors?

Well, here at, we’re proud to say we’re more than an online dealer of diesel injectors for Duramax, Cummins and Power Stroke engines.

Not only do we sell quality new and OEM injectors for the best prices online (and free shipping!), we’ve invested more than $250,000 in state-of-the-art equipment to properly clean, test and calibrate refurbished and remanufactured injectors.

injectors3So when we say we’re a diesel injector shop, we mean we’re a real-life diesel injector shop that puts our injectors to the test every day. While other companies claim to test or refurbish injectors, the reality is most “shops” do nothing more than basic function tests, or “pop” testing – which gives you little information about the injector’s actual performance and condition.

At, our technicians (who we would argue are the best in the business) work hard to ensure you’re getting the best injectors for the best price.

Here’s a look at just some of the equipment our experienced technicians use to properly test and calibrate our injectors:

Used to test Duramax (2001-), common rail Cummins (2003-), and Power Stroke (2007-) injectors.

Hartridge IFT-70

Our single-line, common rail injector test stand is capable of running at 700 bar (10,000 PSI) and tests basic injector function, delivery and return ratio at low pressures, inspects nozzle spray and flushes residue and contaminants from the injector.

injectorsHartridge IFT-200

The first of its kind in the U.S., our four-line, computerized common rail injector stand is capable of running at 2000 bar (29,000 PSI) and is also used for testing basic functions, checking delivery/return ration (at a much higher pressure), and flushes out any residue and contaminants.

Hartridge CRI-PC 04B-CZ

Also the first of its kind in the U.S., our four-line, fully automated common rail injector stand has pressurized back-leak measurement and can test all common rail injectors (including the newest generation piezo injectors). Capable of reaching 2000 bar, it’s used to replicate injector performance as if it were installed in your truck engine, using various pressures and operating conditions.

Maktest 1026

Similar in function to our CRI-PC, our original, single-line common rail injector test stand is capable of 2000 bar and performs rigorous testing, one injector at a time.

Used to test Power Stroke 6.0 and 7.3 injectors (1994-2007)

Hartridge HA230, with HJ042 Siemens 6.0L upgrade kit

injectors6Our four-line machine is capable of testing four H.E.U.I injectors simultaneously. It tests basic injector functions, nozzle spray patterns and runs injectors at various pressures and operating conditions to simulate the driving conditions injectors will see on the road.

And this is just the beginning. At, we’re always pushing the envelope and making sure we bring in the best technologies available to continue selling the best injectors on the market.

Thanks to our dedicated technicians and these incredible test stands, we’re able to evaluate everything we need to know about injector quality and performance before  shipping. Our equipment is also serviced & audited regularly to ensure accurate test results every time.

This ensures you’re getting the best performing injectors for your budget, and hopefully helps you cut through the clutter when it comes to buying diesel injectors online.


Dodge Rams 2500 Cummins has been providing quality injectors for any budget since 2009, and as we continue to grow so does the diesel truck market.

According to data compiled by R.L. Polk and Co. for the Diesel Technology Forum, the registration of diesel vehicles and SUVs rose 24 percent in the United States from 2010 to 2012.

And in 2013, the Fuels Institute’s “Tomorrow’s Vehicles: What Will We Drive in 2023” report, suggests diesel-powered vehicles are expected to grow from 2% market share to 3.7%-6.7% by 2023. Additionally, diesel-engine vehicle sales are expected to comprise between 7.2% and 17.8% of new vehicle sales in 2023.

In the commercial market, diesel rules, with diesel-powered vehicles expected to represent at least 94% of the vehicles on the road in 2023.

So what does that mean for you? More diesel trucks on the road is, well, awesome for diesel diehards like us.

Additionally, that means your trucks will continue to be supported by local and online dealers. strives to continue being a leader in diesel injector sales and resources – no matter the ebb and flow of the market.

To learn more about our injectors and other products geared toward helping your diesel engine run smoother, visit our Products Section and be sure to follow Injectors Direct on Facebook and Twitter for more great diesel truck resources this year.



Dirty diesel truckWe’ve seen some dirty trucks over the years, but our last #ShowUsYourTrucks shoutout might have taken the cake.

Check out Brandon Howell’s 2000 Ford Powerstroke 7.3 after a mud run following another Indiana storm last month.

Indiana and the rest of the Midwest have been pummeled by storms this year, which can mean a muddy, albeit fun time for your diesel truck.

That said, the dirtier we get, the more important it is that we make sure our engines keep running clean.

To help make sure you’re keeping your diesel truck running clean, be sure to:

  1. Change your fuel filter at or before the suggested interval, to ensure your injectors and pumps don’t get thrashed.
  2. Make sure you are running clean fuel. Buying from high volume stations such as truck stops that specialize in diesel is always a good idea.
  3. Swap out your air filter regularly to prevent turbo, valve or piston damage.
  4. Change your oil often to remove contaminants that can lead to mechanical problems (especially on Power Stroke HEUI engines!).
  5. Watch other key fluids such as your coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid.
  6. Prevent rust by washing underneath your truck, after you play in the mud a bit, of course. Keeping your underside clean, will help prevent rust from water and the various salts and chemicals on the road during different times of year.

If you do run into Powerstroke injector issues because of corrosion or other factors, check out our 6.0 Injectors page for injectors for every budget.

Check back often at Injectors Direct for more tips on keeping your truck running clean and for the best injectors on the web … and on the road.


Refurbished vs. Remanufactured injectorsHere at Injectors Direct, we like to call it how it is.

If you’ve followed us over the years, you know we’re not big fans of sugarcoating, or political correctness.

Why do you think we call ourselves Injectors DIRECT?

We’ve always given it to you straight, and that directness and honesty has helped make us the No. 1 source for diesel fuel injectors on the web.

Unfortunately, not every injector shop follows that same philosophy, putting “lipstick on a pig” as they say and selling lesser quality injectors as “remanufactured” or “OEM” when they wouldn’t even qualify as “refurbished” by our standards.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories from customers & truck owners deceived by shops that cleaned up core injectors and sold them as “remanufactured” without a second thought. And you wonder why many cheaper injectors fail so quickly?

Deceptive labeling happens all the time in the auto parts industry, so this is nothing new to most of us. But that doesn’t mean we should accept it, and settle for anything less than the best when it comes to our trucks.

So instead of pussyfooting around the subject, we decided to explain to you exactly what you should expect from the following injector types – which has always been the case here at Injectors Direct, even when the competition doesn’t always follow our lead:


Refurbished injectors are typically cheaper for most applications because they’ve simply been removed from running engines, cleaned internally and externally, and then tested to ensure they meet the latest OEM specifications.

And while our test stands have proven to be the best in the business, we refuse to ship any injectors that haven’t clearly met the OEM specs. These come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.


Remanufactured injectors are different from refurbished in that they’ve been completely disassembled, inspected for wear, then rebuilt using brand new components.  That isn’t always the case with the competition, so make sure the shop you’re buying from has a solid reputation and customer reviews before you go buying remanufactured injectors.

Once rebuilt, we rigorously test remanufactured injectors on our state-of the-art test stands to ensure they meet OEM specifications so that we know they’re going to stand up to all of the pressure you put your trucks through day in and day out. These come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

OEM Remanufactured

OEM Remanufactured injectors have been disassembled and inspected for wear, then rebuilt using new and often updated components (nozzles, solenoids, plungers, valves, seals, etc.). And when we say rebuilt, we mean everything is new! (Except for the body) The injectors are then individually tested to ensure they meet OEM specifications.

To be clear, this process is carried out by the original equipment manufacturer (Bosch for GM, Mopar (Cummins) for Dodge, and Seimens/Motocraft/International for Ford). These are the same injectors you would get over the parts counter at your local factory authorized dealership, but we can get these same injectors at a discount because we order in such high volume. That’s one more reason to go with Injectors Direct for your OEM injectors if refurbished or remanufactured aren’t good enough for you. These come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.


Our OEM new injectors are just that. New. Every component of the injector is brand-spanking new, including the body. These are built by Bosch for GM and Dodge/Cummins applications.

Again, we get these at a discount because we purchase in such large numbers, and we pass that savings on to our customers. These come with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty.

An Injector for Every Budget

So there you have it. At the end of the day, we provide quality injectors for any budget.

But one thing we don’t have is patience for dealers who call their injectors something they aren’t.

Next time you buy fuel injectors, make sure to do your homework. Check the reviews and ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for so you don’t have to go through this process all over again a few months down the road.



Diesel InjectorsWhen we started Injectors Direct in 2009, our goal was to create a better way for diesel truck owners to get quality fuel injectors for their trucks at a reasonable price.

Five years later, our mission remains the same, and we’re proud to offer injectors for Duramax, Cummins and Power Stroke diesel engines to our dedicated customers.

We also want to thank our customers, friends and followers for making Injectors Direct the go-to home on the web for diesel injectors. To give back and celebrate five great years, we’ll be running promotions similar our #ShowUsYourTrucks Contest throughout the year, showcasing our customers’ trucks and giving away plenty of gear along the way.

We’re also reaching out to customers to get their feedback on the website, the products we offer, and learning ways we can better serve the diesel fans who make up the Injectors family.

Injectors Direct HatOne of the biggest requests we’ve received was to get our world-famous Injectors Direct apparel on the website for sale, which we did earlier this year. We now have everything from camo hats to beanies, to shirts and even beer koozies (cold brews not included!).

Another popular request was to bring on more products to keep your engine running smoothly and add more life to fuel systems.

To help Duramax owners get more out of their systems, we’ve also added Duramax Cat Fuel Filter Adapters to our lineup of Duramax products.

The Duramax Cat Fuel Filter Adapter replaces the old, inefficient 6-micron stock filter with a new, high efficiency 2-micron Cat filter (1R-0750). It fits all Duramax Engines 2001-present, and can be installed in 10 minutes.

The fuel filter adapter is the first in a long line of new products Injectors Direct will be adding to its lineup to help our customers get more out of their trucks.

injectorsnewsIn the meantime, we wanted to say thanks for your support over the past five years, and we look forward to making 2014 our best year yet!

For more information about the fuel filter adapter, Injectors gear, or to pass along additional feedback on how we can improve Injectors Direct, contact us at 800.500.0980 or

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates and to participate in our contests and giveaways throughout the year.

Thanks for riding with us!

– Andrew & The Injectors Direct Team





Show Us Your TrucksThe world-famous (at least on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) #ShowUsYourTrucks Contest is nearing a close.

We’re a week away from picking winners for the contest, where our fans share with us shots of their diesel trucks hashtagged #ShowUsYourTrucks.

Here are some more details about the contest in case you missed it.

Now this isn’t just about winning some swag. More importantly, it’s about our diesel fans getting together and showing off the rides they spend so much time in, on and around … and hopefully not too much time under, fixing their injectors if we have anything to do with it!

That said, here’s a look at some of the submissions we’ve received over the past couple weeks:

In the meantime, don’t forget to #ShowUsYourTrucks!






Get a sneak peek at Chevy’s Cow Commercial for Super Bowl Sunday

If there’s one thing our customers, friends and fans of Injectors Direct are passionate about, it’s their trucks.

As evident by the truck photos shared as part of our #ShowUsYourTrucks contest, they care for their trucks like their first born.

Second to their trucks? Taking care of their livestock, their crops and everything they work so hard for and with everyday.

So we thought you’d get a kick out of Chevy’s cow commercial (spoiler), “Romance,” airing this Super Bowl weekend, it’s a funny twist on their “A man and his truck…” series of commercials … and a lot less dramatic than their lost calf commercial.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Show Us Your TrucksHere at, we love trucks.

Big. Powerful. Dirty. Trucks.

So over the next month, we’re going to be sharing our favorite truck photos from the die-hard diesel heads we run into on a daily basis.

We’ll call it the #ShowUsYourTrucks Contest.

And like any good Show Us Your ____ Contest, we’re giving away a truckload of swag to the most popular trucks.

Here are details to participate in the contest and get yourself some of our world-famous swag:

  • Go to our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page and follow or like us.
  • Take an awesome photo of your diesel truck and share it with us on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page, with a link to the photo and @InjectorsDirect and #ShowUsYourTrucks embedded in the tweet or post.
  • Recommend all of your friends “Retweet” or “Like” the tweet/post.

But make sure we see the post and can track its popularity by sharing with us and tagging it #ShowUsYourTrucks … !

The top 3 diesel truck photos with the most retweets or likes by Feb. 14 will get a whole lotta love from Injectors Direct on Valentine’s Day:

  • You and your truck will get plastered prominently across our website and social media sites.
  • You’ll win a VIP swag bag of our world famous gear. (If you don’t like camo, you need not participate!)
  • We’ll also throw in some of our new products for 2014, aimed at keeping your fuel system running clean for years to come.

So get sharing your truck pics today, because we know you all have hundreds of dirty diesel selfies stored on your phones.

Turn those photos into swag, and  #ShowUsYourTrucks!


Buy fuel injectors online?

If you’re not the most web-savvy consumer in the world, you might think twice about ordering auto parts online.

But ordering online has become one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to get your hands on the part you need, especially if your local dealer doesn’t have the part at a reasonable price or has to special order it.

Even tire stores, yes, tire stores such as have sold millions of tires directly to consumers each year online.

Why Buy Fuel Injectors Online

So why are more and more consumers turning to online retailers for auto parts?

Because, along with that convenience of being able to purchase from the comfort of your own home, many online retailers, such as, cut out the middle man to offer the lowest prices, along with offering:

  • the best selection
  • expert research and resources
  • no hassle or pressuring sales tactics
  • and free shipping in most cases

The Promise

We here at are passionate about offering the best injectors at the best price, and we also ship your fuel injectors the same day and offer FREE 2-3 DAY SHIPPING.

So in most cases, we can have the injector you need, shipped to your doorstep, in the time it would take your local dealer to order the part for twice the price. also sells the highest quality parts (we wish we could say the same about some of our competitors), and we complement qualifying orders with free LB7 injector removal loaner tools to help make your life even easier.

We also accept all major payment types, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

So what do you have to lose? If you need a quality replacement fuel injector for your Chevy/GMC, Dodge, or Ford, visit our injectors page for more information, or give us a call at 1-800-500-0980 and we’ll set you up and have you back on the road in no time.

Thanks for visiting!